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Extra Large Shower Cap

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Raise your hand if you can never find a shower cap big enough for your hair...OK so not just me!. I have super thick hair, and a big head. A bad combination if you are looking for a shower cap. That's why I made this Extra Large Shower Cap to accommodate lots of thick or long hair. So now you won't have to try to stuff your luxurious locks inside of too small, flimsy piece of plastic. 

And I made this shower cap adjustable just like my satin bonnets so it can fit you whether you have a large head or a small head, whether you are wearing your own hair, or playing around with different lengths of extensions or braids. 
But wait there's more...

This shower cap is machine washable and dryable. Why would you want to wash a shower cap, you ask? Well, because now that you have found a shower cap big enough for all your hair, you have no excuse not to deep condition your hair. This cap can double as a processing cap so you can apply your protein treatments or deep conditioners and cover it with the cap. No more busting holes in those flimsy processing caps from the beauty supply store.
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