Satin Bonnets & More for Adults + Kids...Free Shipping on Wash Day Essentials
All of our satin bonnets are handmade using adjustable elastic. This means you never have to worry about your bonnet being to tight or too loose. Nor do you have to worry about tying knots into drawstrings or getting your hair tangled in velcro closures. All of our adult bonnets are pretty spacious, but please refer to the information below to determine which bonnet suits your needs. 
In order to properly size your bonnet, consider two things: How much hair your have, and how you usually style your hair. 
For Adults:

If you have

And you

You Probably Need

Short to shoulder-length hair

Sometimes sleep in styling implements like rollers or flexi-rods

Medium Sized Bonnet

Short to shoulder-length, Afro Styles, Updos

Usually sleep in styling implements

Large Sized Bonnet

Long hair, Big Hair, Braids, or Dreadlocs,

May or may not sleep in styling implements

The Big Hair Bonnettm

For Kids: 


Amount of Hair

Bonnet Suggested


Short Hair

Kid Size


Long or Thick Hair

Big Kids Size

7 and Up

Any amount

Big Kids Size